we buy and sell figures, puppets, straps, construction kits, puzzles and toys.

most of them are from japan, but also we have some american and european stuff.

few examples : dragon ball z, castlevania, hatsune miku, pikachu, super mario, k-on, zelda, doraemon, studio ghibli, bakemonogatari, vocaloid, bear bricks, death note, final fantasy, tekken, kingdom hearts, mortal kombat, fullmetal alchemist, one piece, monter hunter, street fighter, bayonette, kirby, naruto, hello kitty, godzilla, rewrite, persona, gintama, kanon, good smile company, animal crossing, love hina, clannad, sonic, lupin, gundam, evangelion, metal gear solid, shingeki no kyojin, rozen maiden, etc. etc.

every 2 months we go to japan and bring many more. and our customers sell them to us too

artikelen - figuurtjes