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we don’t have gift cards, but we do have gift COINS.
every coin is 10 euro. you can buy as many as you want
to give to present for friends, family, co workers, etc.
this coin can use for used + new items. also new k.pop cd’s.
the coins looks very nice, and are a great gift.





you need : a bottle of 90% alcohol, and a few
ear-cleaning-tips. with those you clean the metal contacts from
the game cartridge. alcohol vanishes very quickly, so do it fast.

the game system (console) you can not clean with ear-tips.
what you can do is, make the metal contacts of a game cartridge
very wet with the alcohol, and put the game in and out of the
game system. do it very careful, but do it quickly.

cartridge schoonmaken 01



– PLAYSTATION-1 games are working on a PLAYSTATION-2 system.

to save playstation-1 games you need a playstation-1 memorycard.

ps1 op ps2 02



РPLAYSTATION-1 games also working on any PLAYSTATION-3 system.

ps1 game op ps3 console foto



– PLAYSTATION-2 games working only on a 60GB PLAYSTATION-3 system.
in europa, you can play ps-2 games on a 60gb playstation-3 system.

in japan you can use the 20 and 60gb playstation-3 system,
and in the usa the 20, 60 and 80 gb versions, to play ps-2 games.

some extra information : many ps-2 games work on these systems,
not all. about 30% of the ps-2 games will not work, or not properly.

ps2 op ps3 02



– nintendo NES system REPAIR and making compatible for USA GAMES.

we can (try to) repair your broken nintendo nes sytem.
it costs 30 euro. have to pay in advance.
if we can not repair your nes system, you get your money back.

also, we can modify your european nintendo nes system,
to play usa games (so you can play european + usa games).
not for japanese games, these are completely different.
this modify costs 15 euro. also pay in advance.

repair + modify together will costs 40 euro total.

usually we can do this in the same day.
but if shop is very busy, then it will take longer.

nes reviseren 04



– nintendo GAMEBOY GAMES replace empty SAVE-BATTERIES

we can replace the empty batteries for your gameboy,
gameboy color and gameboy advance games.

this costs 15 euro. total price including new battery.
usually we can not do this in 1 day, because it’s a lot of work.
pay in advance. email or call for more information.

gameboy spel batterijen 03