we buy everything that’s related to videogames.
game systems, consoles, old homecomputers,
videogames, controllers, accessoires and parts.

also loose parts, like : power adapters, cables,
harddiscs, fronts, batterycovers, memorycards, etc.etc.
and also universal power adapters (many volt and different plugs).

you can bring everything to our shop,
just as long as it is in good, clean and working condition.

also we buy :
– music dvd/blu-ray¬†(house,techno,rap,disco,80’s,jazz,funk,pop,rock,etc)
– music cd’s (house,techno,rap,disco,80’s,jazz,funk,pop,rock,etc)
– music lp’s (house,techno,rap,disco,80’s,jazz,funk,pop,rock,etc)
– asia music cd’s (j.pop, j.rock, k.pop, k.rock, etc.etc.)
– movies (dvd and blu ray)
– japanese game/anime figures/puppets/toys/straps/etc. etc.
– skylanders figures, nintendo amiibo figures, etc.

we don’t give ‘estimate’ prices in advance.
first we want to see your items
so bring everything you want to sell,
and don’t forget anything that should be included.
please make sure everything is nice and clean condition.
and it stays clean and dry when you bring it to our shop.

you can choose if you want cash money,
or discount/credit to choose other stuff from our shop.
discount/credit we give a higher price than cash money.

if you bring a lot of stuff (boxes full),
it is better to call first
to decide what day/time is best to come to the shop.

check our ‘contact’ page to see :
shopaddress, openingtimes, phone number and emailaddress.

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